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My design concept for Net Magazine

In early February 2014 Martin Cooper for Net Magazine reached out to me about doing the March issues design challenge. The task was to design a travel site of your choosing. I took a day or two to comprise my thoughts before agreeing to the challenge and came up with a localized Rail Trail site. In the northeastern parts of the US these trails have become pretty popular as great opportunities to get active and enjoy the outdoors. Over the next week I developed a full responsive homepage. The requirements only went as far as designing in Photoshop but I decided to design within the browser and write the HTML and CSS. Overall the challenge was a great time, and it was a fantastic experience to see how everything turned out in the March issue. Below are some snippets from the article, and general previews of the design concept.

Go Design - Preview Image

GO is a site concept dedicated to Rail Trail enthusiasts. The concept is to give users the ability to discover trails, plan trips, set goals, and keep track of their miles on the trails. To accomplish this I would create a custom Google Map that fit the design of the site. The trails on the map would be geo-locations gathered from Rail Trail organizations. Your geo-location would be based on the GPS from the browser, or your user profile (based on if the browser is GPS capable). There would be few graphical elements implemented on the site. The design is content driven and utilizes web fonts, and font icons. Developing the responsiveness of the site would be based on content breakpoints rather than device breakpoints. This addresses the sites layout needs rather than just handling them from a device by device point of view. The overall goal would be to have a site that is lightweight regardless of device, and provides users with the information they want to see.

Go Design - Preview Image