Living in a CSS World: Architects & Citizens

Quit living in it, start building it.

Over the last few years frameworks have become all the rage. With their rise in popularity has come a rise in my aggravation. All these frameworks have done is create a group of users who think they are developers. Quit being an impostor and get your hands dirty. Using the likes of Bootstrap and Foundation are cheap ways to accomplish your goals. And by cheap I mean, they require no skills.

Living in a CSS world - Image I understand the need for tools which make a developers life faster. CSS frameworks just don’t fit the bill though. Honestly, using a CSS framework is like renting a dump truck to buy groceries. They are overly aggressive and in the long run present far more problems than solutions. Additionally they excel at consuming far more resources than you need to use(Again I say… dump truck).

The web is evolving at an incredible rate, and now is not to time to sit back and rely on frameworks. A more responsive web is an ocean where you either learn to swim, or you are going to drown. It’s certainly no place for someone who spends their days modifying frameworks. Take some time to understand normalize practices and which ones you need for your project. Write your own fluid grids and constantly revisit how you can make them lighter. Take it another step further and think about how you can create your own modular architecture. Sure, even take a few minutes to glance at what frameworks are doing. Review what they change and compare them to the directions you’re going. Just don’t conform to unzipping and plugging in. Spend some part of your day reading and reviewing what others have to say about it as well. Understand that even the best people in our field don’t have all the answers. And more than anything know that what you think the answers are today will not be the answers tomorrow. Accept the notion that you will really never be comfortable. If you keep your head down and keep building though, you will at least understand why.

If you are serious about making it in this industry quit plugging and start building. Ditch the label of citizen and become an architect. There is no room in this industry for squatters. Not if you want to have a hand in the amazing work the web has ahead of it.

Now go get your hard hat. There is building to do.