The simple things: Design

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.

Simplicity is hard. As designers we are always pushing to find those perfect experiences for our clients. Creatively trying to use the least amount of elements to express the most amount of information. It drives us mad and at makes us question some of the core things about us as designers. Below are a few tips to get to simple solutions and save at least some of your sanity.

Be comfortable with negative space

Negative space is one of the most impactful ways to achieve simplicity within a design. It breaks everything up into more digestible areas.

Use color consistently

Define two or three call to action colors. Positive, negative, neutral and only use them when necessary. Don't pollute the page with these. Try and keep it to one of each per page. If you have too many of these you need to re-evaluate the pages content presentation.

Embrace neutral tones

You don't have to overwhelm your site with bland colors but incorporate them intelligently to make sure your call to action areas are received as such.

Build your house on content strategy

You must know the content of your product as well as you can. Otherwise the rest of these tips won't mean much. The site can look clean and feel open but if you can't get a user to the "cheese" then it's a lot of work for nothing.

Take these tips and build better more simplified experiences.